Because FUCK GARY. That’s why!

$GUZZ is the Crypto Community’s memecoin response to regulatory overzealous overreach.

If you are into gaming and ai, you should hate Gary’s guts.  Make sure to support this project and all of crypto by getting a little $GUZZ in your portfolio. With supporting Gary Guzzler the Semen Demon ($GUZZ), you’ll be giving Gary the middle finger and laughing all the way to the digital bank!

$GUZZ has no white paper, no team, no founders, no intrinsic value, and is for entertainment purposes only.  Have no expectation of financial return with this or any other crypto commodity. Just remember though that $GUZZ actually has a use case.  That use case is to rally the crypto community against Gary and his evil empire.  The more popular this token gets, the more of a chance that Gary will see our middle finger message and we all gain big. By the way, GUZZ is designed with gaming and ai integration to make number go up! Seriously.  Read our Tokenomics and Whitepaper. Win-win!


We’re excited to unveil the $GUZZ token, a fresh addition to the decentralized finance realm. Initially, $GUZZ will be available through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions, facilitating direct, efficient, and low-cost exchanges between individuals. Additionally, enthusiasts can acquire $GUZZ directly via our transparent and secure smart contract on both the Ethereum and PulseChain blockchains. These launch methods not only ensure user flexibility and security but also align with our commitment to blockchain’s decentralized ethos. As more options on acquiring $GUZZ appear, those options will be listed here.


$GUZZ now trades on PulseX Exchange. Set your SLIPPAGE to 7.5% because of TAX and MEV BOT RESISTANCE.



*Ball Sackrifice phase has ENDED.

GUZZ trading can be found on PulseX

HERE. Set your SLIPPAGE to 7.5% because of TAX and MEV BOT RESISTANCE.

$GUZZ Conversion


The “Ball Sackrifice”

Bigger Ball Sacks get More Bonus GUZZ

“I sent some PLS to 0xd385452C5350C799fef450f571eD0532796E8aaD on the PulseChain blockchain and the smart contract made me happy when a load of GUZZ shot back into my hands. Try it for yourself and your friends, it works great!”  -Gary Guzzler



Initial Token Supply of GaryGuzzler (GUZZ) was:

666,666,666,666,666 (The supply is decreasing rapidly)


The tokenomics of $GUZZ is extremely easy to understand.  Gary takes a 3.33% cut (he’s used to taking from the people) and 3.33% is burned on every transfer, making $GUZZ both capable and deflationary. Also, on December 21st of every year, on the pagan holiday of Yule, 6.66% of the total supply of GUZZ will be BURNED creating a massive supply removal from the market.  MEV Bots don’t work on GUZZ and GUZZ is super deflationary and designed to make number go up! Seriously. Try it out.

$GUZZ will be lovingly guarded and kept from mass dumpers and any known shit-shill operators. The OA holds the super majority of tokens in order to protect the price.  Just like CZ did it.  Just like RH did it.  Just like we do it.  It works and it makes the Number Go Up.  There will be no rug-pulls this way and the tokens will be sent to liquidity pools and any central exchanges as needed.  Hopefully this fun memecoin token will become treasured by all of us soon.  Also, the variables in this smart contract cannot be edited.  And the name of our community project is brilliant just like the originator of the name, Sir Admiral-General His Holiness Supreme Leader Chancellor Sommi.  Be sure to check out Sommi’s YouTube channel, he’s great and our most appreciated source for PulseChain news.  He’s a no Bull-Shit, highly knowledgeable, and good human being.  We all owe him at least one ETH when the high of the Bull Market comes back to us. Cheers, Mate!

The GaryGuzzler (GUZZ) smart contract has been launched on the following blockchains:



*VERIFIED ERC-20 Token Contract Address for GarryGuzzler (GUZZ):  0xd385452C5350C799fef450f571eD0532796E8aaD


$GUZZ Roadmap: A Glimpse Ahead

Post-launch, our priority for $GUZZ is to give it what it needs to survive for the long term by boosting adoption and ease of access. We’re liaising with any and every influencer that will share the love that $GUZZ can bring. We will seek out decentralized and centralized exchanges for potential listings, widening avenues for acquiring the token. Simultaneously, we’re championing community education via webinars and workshops on what a load of $GUZZ can do for the holder, ensuring our users are well-versed with $GUZZ’s potential. Long-term, we envision $GUZZ’s integration into broader DeFi ecosystems, including yield farming and staking platforms, further entrenching its utility in the space.

But that’s not all. To celebrate our vibrant community and to further boost awareness, we’re thrilled to announce a series of contests and giveaways. These events will provide a fantastic opportunity for participants to get their hands on $GUZZ tokens, fostering a sense of excitement and camaraderie. Through these initiatives, we aim to ‘spread the love,’ creating a buzzing community where everyone gets a chance to be a part of our growing ecosystem.

If you are an influencer or somebody that can help spread the good word about $GUZZ, please do contact us!

Also, if you have the resources to help us create a nice big pool of $GUZZ, please do contact us!

“Ultimately we want Gary to know how much the entire crypto community wants to see him choke on our big load.” -Crypto Community


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